1. Booze: Bailiwick

    A double-B whammy. So you KNOW it’s gonna be good!

    As promised, the B’s went on yet another Grouper outing last Thursday. The destination? Bailiwick in downtown San Diego.

    Bailiwick is on 5th Avenue, one of the main streets in the Gaslamp District of downtown San Diego. The vibe is classy, old-fashioned Southern comfort, and it is wonderful.  Don’t feel like sitting in a booth or at the bar? Then you can post up in the outside sidewalk seating area, or at the window-side cushions, which is exactly what the #varsitysquad did. 

    Bailiwick Tables
    I don’t always drink mules… but when I do, it’s out of tin cups.

    Chandeliers, wooden crate tables and live music added to the shabby chic atmosphere & the B’s were in love at first sight (with the bar that is).  

    We met our group of guys at 8:10 pm (always fashionably late), and after some brief introductions ordered our first round of drinks from Bailiwick’s unique cocktails menu. Steph started off with a Blood and Smoke, Cassie with a Gangs of New York, and Alyssa with a Nectar of the Gods.

    Bailiwick Cocktails
    Blood and Smoke Cocktail

    Bailiwick Cocktails
    Gangs of New York (left) and Nectar of the Gods (right)

    The drinks took around 10-15 minutes to be made (as all crafted cocktails do), and the wait was well worth it. The Gangs of New York was a rye based cocktail, sort of a mix between an old fashion and a manhattan, thumbs up. Steph’s Blood and Smoke was Del Maguey Mezcal Vida, Solerno Blood Orange, Agave Nectar, Orange, Grapefruit. For a tequila based drink, we were pleasantly surprise with how delicious and refreshing it was.

    Drinks Round 2, aka the “Mule Round”

    Bailiwick is unique in that if offers more than just your traditional Mule. Patrons can choose from several varieties, each made with a different spirit. For our second round of drinks (we were having so much fun that we wanted to stick around), Alyssa went with a Moscow Mule (made with vodka), and Cassie chose the Gin-Gin Mule.

    Bailiwick Mules
    Gin Gin Mule (left) and Moscow Mule(right)

    Arguably one of the best points in the night arose when we were debating what to do for our #groupergram photo. The answer came in the form of a bathtub. But not just ANY bathtub: the antique clawfoot bathtub situated at the front of bar. I mean, how could we NOT take a picture with it? Our waitress, Brittany, was nice enough to not only oblige our request, but encourage it. In general she was AWESOME, as was the rest of the service we received at Bailiwick.

    Bailiwick Groupergram
    Rub a dub dub…

    And of course we had to get a token #varsitysquad arm shelf photo:

    Bailiwick Bathtub

    All in all, the night was a success. The B’s can’t wait to head back to Bailiwick for their bottomless mimosa brunch in the very near future!

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